Established 2017

A brand based between England and Italy, built on the concept of combining classic Italian traditions, whilst celebrating the authentic, laid back feel of early American rock ‘n’ roll culture.

Made in Italy

All FROMTHEFIRST boots are made with skins sourced from local Italian tanneries, offering a wide range of different colours, textures, and patterns. All our zippers are YKK, due to their great reputation for reliability. All of our other hardware is Italian, as well as our custom-made leather soles, shoe boxes, dust bags, and even the cotton used to sew our boots.

Design Process

All of our styles start with a last. Each last is custom made by hand, to our exacting specifications, giving us full control over how our boots fit. Each pattern is then created in-house by skilled artisans with over 40 years experience in the footwear industry.